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This is merely a database listing TV stations.

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This is a personal website, and is not part of any television station. Please do not call me.

This website is a work still in progress. If you have any issues or feature requests, now is the time to mention it.


This website offers a listing of all the transmitters licensed in the United States and many in Canada. It is an on-going hobby project of mine. Basically, I was disappointed with the search quality of the FCC license database, and I wanted something that would let you search quickly and search everything.

Searches entered will scrub through everything in the database. That means call signs, cities, owners. And it will do it quickly.

As I said, this is a side project. So, bear with as it progresses. For now, if you wish to just browse, without use of the search feature, you may browse by state. I will add new features as they become usable and as I have time to make them.

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